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The International Standards and Patents in Renewable Energy (INSPIRE) is a platform of the International Renewable Energy Agency, designed to provide up-to-date information on standards and patents in renewable energy.

Search through, locate and perform analysis from a database with more than 2 million patents and over 400 international standards.

INSPIRE, explains in an friendly and easy way technical information related to patents, standardisation and quality assurance. Navigate through the main menu to learn more about how to apply to a patent, what is a standard or how to develop quality assurance for renewable technologies.

Patent trends in Renewables

In INSPIRE's online dashboards search for renewable energy patent information to identify emerging innovative technologies suitable for a specific application as well as active actors in these technology fields. Analyse patent trends for different renewable energy technologies by country or patent applicant, comparing developments within, or between, different technologies.


Search international standards for renewables

In the standards database, find international standards on renewable energy to identify methodologies that incorporate international good practices in the implementation of renewable energy projects.

Create charts on international standards per RE Technology
What are standards?
RE Standards-making Bodies
Standards & renewable energy deployment
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Assure the quality of renewable energy systems

What is quality assurance?

Quality assurance (QA) consists of all activities which provide confidence that a renewable energy product or service will meet the expectations from consumers, investors and other stakeholders. Learn more in this section on how to look after quality assurance in renewable energy technologies.

How to implement quality assurance?
Get involved in quality for renewable energy
Quality Assurance Publications

Case studies

IRENA quality impact studies look at quality assurance mechanisms along the whole renewable energy technology lifetime. They include quality assurance mechanisms, in addition to best practices to secure renewable energy technologies proper performance. Share your experience with IRENA: we are collecting more case studies. Contact us at


IRENA INSPIRE - Information platform on renewable energy patents and standards

Inform us about the latest initiatives and projects carried out in your country in the field of patents and standards. This will provide an important contribution to updating the INSPIRE databases with latest information. You can contact us at

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