With the world open to trade through global commerce, global manufacturing, advanced communications, easier distribution of goods and services, governments increasingly collaborating in clean energy technology research and development, promotion and deployment, it is recognised that standards and a harmonised approach to renewable energy, along with certification, is an important aspect of developing and increasing the uptake, awareness and confidence in the market, which in turn supports the climate change mitigation agenda.
Importance of Standards
Why We Need Standards
Renewable Energy Standards-making Bodies
International Renewable Energy Standards
Use of Renewable Energy Standards
“The difference between a standard and a technical regulation lies in compliance. While conformity with standards is voluntary, technical regulations are by nature mandatory. They have different implications for international trade. If an imported product does not fulfil the requirements of a technical regulation, it will not be allowed to be put on sale. In case of standards, non-complying imported products will be allowed on the market, but then their market share may be affected if consumers prefer products that meet local standards such as quality or colour standards for textiles and clothing.”
Source: World Trade Organization. Technical Information on Technical Barriers to Trade
Legal Aspects of Standards
Standards & Renewable Energy Deployment

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